A-SKIN Nederland B.V. develops new techniques and products to treat skin wounds, specifically difficult to treat, chronic leg wounds. The first line of products is based on the patient’s own skin material. The benefit of using autologous (body own) cells as the basis for wound products is the absence of an adverse rejection reaction. Therefore, a single application of the cultured skin is often sufficient for successful treatment. Additionally, the patented ‘living bandage’ Tiscover® developed by A-SKIN, acts not only as an immediate wound closure, but provides also a source of locally produced mediators promoting the wound healing for a prolonged period of time.

Tiscover® is cultured onto an acellular matrix produced from donor skin obtained from the EuroSkin Bank in Beverwijk. This basic matrix (AS210) can be used for the immediate treatment of those acute and chronic ulcer patients for who cultured ful-thickness skin is not (yet) available.

In cooperation with the Brandwonden Centrum in Beverwijk, autologous skin tissue is cultured for the treatment of burn wounds, as a supplementary method for the traditional care of serious burn wounds and for improvement of the wound condition.

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