Effective treatments for difficult to heal skin wounds


A-SKIN is a skin tissue engineering company founded in 2006 by the VU University Medical Center, departments Dermatology and Pathology. The continuous unique interaction within the A-SKIN team of regenerative research, scientists and clinicians (of the VU medical center) enables A-SKIN to bring cultured skin constructs to the clinic for advanced wound therapies and difficult skin defects.

    A-SKIN has a strong academic basis in the following areas of:

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Skin tissue engineering
  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  • Compound screening for irritancy and allergenicity


A-SKIN focuses on developing human skin models and topical applications for Skin Testing Services and Wound Healing Products.

Skin Testing Services (contract research)

Our dermal, epidermal or full thickness advanced three-dimensional in vitro human skin models integrate skin cells in a relevant microenvironment. Services provided include: Compound screening, toxicity and allergen testing or a personalized research test program with client specific populated human skin model.
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Wound Healing

A-SKIN develops advanced wound care products and therapies based on (autologous) cultured human skin cells. Products under development are Tiscover for healing of chronic wounds, KC-Matrix for healing of burn wounds & pigment disorders and AS210 for therapy resistant wound defects.
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Chamber of Commerce: A-SKIN Holding BV: 34240016, registration January 9th 2006
Chamber of Commerce: A-SKIN Nederland BV 34240022, registration January 9th 2006


A-SKIN develops cell and skin tissue products for the treatment of difficult to heal skin wounds.
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