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A-SKIN is a tissue engineering spin off company of the VU medical center, focussing on bringing human tissue engineered skin products for healing wounds to the market. A-SKIN is specialized in the treatment of chronic wounds, and has close contacts with a broad number of specialized wound healing clinics in the Netherlands. A-SKIN has extensive knowledge on a broad range of in vitro human skin models (keloid, full tickness skin, dermal matrix, wound healing model). The 3D human skin models can be used for screening and testing purposes. The models are co-developed with the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam.

A-SKIN is a strong knowledge partner in skin tissue engineering using human skin models and with her tissue engineered products she aims at providing effective treatments for difficult to heal skin wounds, thus improving quality of life and reducing socio-economical burden for patients and society.


A-SKIN develops cell and skin tissue products for the treatment of difficult to heal skin wounds.
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