Skin Testing Services

An alternative for animal testing

Skin Testing Services

Our dermal, epidermal or full thickness advanced three-dimensional in vitro human skin models integrate skin cells in a relevant microenvironment. Services provided include: Compound screening, toxicity and allergen testing or a personalized research test program with client specific populated human skin model. Read about the different Testing Services we provide.

Human skin models

Laboratory prepared skin equivalents (human skin model) represent a real alternative for animal testing and give an initial first reaction of the human cells on your compound or device. Additionally, skin models can be modulated to your specific needs which makes them ideal, meaningful and cost effective test systems for screening and testing purposes. Read more about Human skin models.
Human skin substitutes of A-SKIN provide an alternative for animal testing and by this reduce animal testing. Click here to read our article on our animal alternative assays.

A-skin offers you (facilities):
    • Human 3D skin models (dermal, epidermal, full thickness)
    • Non animal research
    • Compound and/or toxicology testing
    • Irritancy-allergenicity screening
    • Medical device and wound stimulation testing
    • GMP cleanroom facility with GMP and tissue procurement license
    • Broad range of in house technologies
    • Well trained, independent, scientifically proven staff
    • Flexibility in operations: Personalized testing and research program
The A-SKIN research staff applies the most recent insights and techniques in regenerative medicine to answer your questions on skin therapeutics and material irritancies or sensitizing capacities. Its laboratory facilities are fully compliant with the appropriate and most recent European legislation (GMP). All operations within A-SKIN are under the purview of an effective Quality System.

Interested? Share a research idea, need more information or curious if we can provide the data you need? Contact A-SKIN.


A-SKIN develops cell and skin tissue products for the treatment of difficult to heal skin wounds.
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