Skin models

A-SKIN has developed the following non-animal in vitro skin and mucosa models.
    • Full Thickness skin model: (Pigmented) human skin equivalents (3D), keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblast populated dermal matrix. This model closely resembles native human skin and is suitable for research questions in the field of (chronic) wound healing or studies where the interaction between epidermal and dermal cells is important (allergens, irritants, irritant potency and/or dose toxicity of compounds).¬†For more information on our human full thickness skin models please click here.
    • Scar models: we develop and can culture 3 different types of human scar models:
      1.Normal Scar
      2. Hypertrophic scar
      3. Keloid scar.
      Our human full-thickness scar models consist of keratinocytes and melanocytes on a fibroblast-populated dermal matrix resembling the human scars. For more information on our scar models please click here.
    • Epidermal, dermal equivalents and a migration assay with Langerhans cells.
    • Personalized human skin models for client specific testing

Interested? Share a research idea, need more information or curious if we can construct a human skin model for your research question? Contact A-SKIN.


A-SKIN develops cell and skin tissue products for the treatment of difficult to heal skin wounds.
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