Effective treatments for difficult to heal skin wounds

Wound healing products

A-SKIN developed two autologous full thickness skin constructs for wound healing. Both products are an Advanced Tissue Medicinal Product (ATMP) under the EU directive (EC) No 1394/2007 on advanced therapy medicinal products.

Why full thickness skin constructs for wound healing?

Skin tissue products may consist of one (single layered) or two (bi-layered) layers, also known as full-thickness skin) layers. Full-thickness skin contains two layers of skin, just like the natural human skin: the dermal and epidermal layer, connected by a basement membrane. The full thickness skin is stronger than a single-layered product and reduces the risk of recidivism. All currently available data indicates that the full-thickness skin product with an autologous origin, are the most optimal skin replacement product for the treatment of hard to heal skin wounds due to the immediate cover, no rejection and continuous secretion of growth factors.


Autologous full thickness cultured skin for healing of chronic, therapy resistant wounds (f.i. ulcus cruris venosum, diabetic foot and pressure sores).

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Autologous cultured keratinocytes supported by a carrier of a collagen/elastin matrix for the healing of burn wounds (and improving the scar quality and pigmentation of the skin).

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Next to the above autologous skin constructs Askin also delivers acellular donor dermis for direct primary cover of hard to heal wounds.

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A-SKIN develops cell and skin tissue products for the treatment of difficult to heal skin wounds.
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